J-xyz Online Shopping Company



      J-XYZ Online Shopping Company (J-XYZ.COM) is a customer-driven company was established in June 1999. Participating in joint-venture with Sam Hang (Taiwan), it dedicates itself to create a cyber store of selling Japanese CDs, magazines, gift items, photos, posters, dolls, toys and games. J-XYZ identifies and anticipates the new changing model in the retail industry which can provide a more convenient and economical way of shopping.

    After repackaging the products by offering a new look, it is expected that the new selling method not only will generate profit for
J-XYZ itself but also its strategic partner.

    The company objectives are to sell products over the Internet around the world by offering more options to customers at the lowest price. Value-added services such as product-related information and recommendation will be delivered to customers in an efficient and effective way compared to other competitors.

J-XYZ tempts to provide an instant one-stop shopping for customers. Customers can access the Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without going to the shops and placing advance orders for new releases. The company will keep track of the heartbeat of the market and will introduce the latest fads and trends in products to customers. 100% satisfaction on services is expected from its loyal, potential customers



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